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I'm Christa Norman! 

and I have over active tear ducts.

A video of cute puppies? Tears. A graduation speech? Tears. New buds on a plant that's been struggling? Tears. It might seem strange to some but I am certain it makes me a better photographer. I cry at every “I do”, cheer with every kiss, and make every client a friend.

I seek to serve and bless these new friends by giving them timeless and genuine images that enrich their marriages. I am passionate about creating a joyful and stress-free experience by investing in my clients personally and guiding them every step of the way.

If you’ve always wanted a wedding photographer you can trust like a friend, then I'm your girl.


More than anything I am passionate about capturing moments. I'm not about putting you in stiff poses and having you smile into the camera until you start to grimace. 

I want to photograph you as you really are. I want to capture how you light one another up and how you can make one another fully belly laugh until it hurts. All the quirks, laughs, and silliness that only a couple in love shares because these are the genuine and beautiful things you will want to remember. 

If these are the kind of moments that are important to you, you've come to the right place. I am able to capture these kinds of photos because I put a huge emphasis on our friendship.

To me, you aren't just another bride and groom or date on my calendar but two humans that I care about deeply!

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If you want just a person with a camera then I might not be right for you (but that's okay! There is some one else out there who is a perfect fit). My couples invite me into their lives to document their genuine, messy, beautiful story. I want to know you like a friend I can give you an amazing experience!

I am the photographer for the vibrant, the playful, the adventurous who don't mind a little dirt on their dress or sneaking away for sunset photos. No matter whether you are getting married on a mountain top or an Italian-inspired venue, if you value the experience over cookie cutter images, then we are a perfect fit. 

My style is bright and warm, with a hint of that classic film feel; Images that capture the heart of a couple and tell a story. That's why I am a photographer because I love people and telling their stories. Images of YOUR love have the power to help you focus on what matters, and your relationship FLOURISH. YOU have a beautiful story tell. Let me tell it. 

Feel like we'd be best friends? Say hi and let me know how I can serve you! 

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I love love love to travel! So if you don't see your city or vacation spot on here just reach out and let me know! I'd love to add it to my calendar! 


Based in San Clemente, California | Spring + Summer 2019


September | North Carolina 

October | Kansas City 


Based in Japan | Fall 2019 and Winter + Spring 2020


May | San Fransico  

June | France + Italy 

August | Japan