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I'm Christa Norman! 

and am a big fat cryer.

A video of cute puppies? Tears. A graduation speech? Tears. New buds on a plant that's been struggling? Tears. It might seem strange to some that I am so easily moved but I know it makes me an even better photographer. I cry at every “I do”, cheer with every kiss, and make every client a friend.

Like a friend would, I give every client peace of mind, a meaningful experience, and images they will treasure.

If you’ve always wanted a wedding photographer you can trust like a friend, then I'm your girl.

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The heart of my photography style is capturing real moments of real humans. It isn’t about perfect hair or perfect outfits. It isn’t about getting a cookie cutter pose just right.

No way. It is about photographing you as you really are. I want to capture the true joy that comes from two people in love. All the quirks and belly laughs, because those are the genuine and beautiful things you will want to remember. 

To me, you aren't just another bride and groom or date on my calendar but two humans that I care about deeply!

And to my clients, I am not just a girl that knows how to use a camera. Instead they share their lives with me so that I can capture their genuine memories.

I serve the vibrant, the thoughtful, the adventurous who don't mind getting little dirt on their dress or sneaking away for sunset photos.

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My style is bright and warm, with a hint of that classic film feel; Images that capture the heart of a couple and tell a story. Images of YOUR love have the power to help you focus on what matters, and your relationship FLOURISH. 

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you’ve come to the right place. You have a beautiful story and I would love to tell it.

Feel like we'd be best friends? Say hi and let me know how I can serve you!