Brand Photography 


so you can get back to wowing your clients

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You know images are key  but you're tired. 

You're tired of trying to do it yourself.

You're tired of underwhelming collaborations.

You're tired of not having images that show the uniqueness of your brand


If a little pep in your step is what you need

I'll be the one to push you to the next level.



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Attract the Client of your dreams


Dreamy images of your business and work will connect you with the clients you want to work with!


As well as offer your them consistency that establishes trust.


Elevate your brand


Stunning images will set you apart from the sea of other businesses


Not only do images accurately display your beautiful work but they will show the uniqueness of your brand and personality.      



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Relieve Stress


No one told you that when you became a creative business owner you needed to be a book keeper, graphic designer, and photographer too! 


You shouldn't have to feel like a chicken running around with it's head cut off.


I'll take care of the photography so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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You NEED this. 

Building a relationship with your clients, even over social media, is an essential. Christa's images from the our session are inviting and welcome a conversation about who you are & why you're the best out there! I love being able to have images that produce a cohesive aesthetic.

Christa is SO easy to work with.

She made me feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera & directed me very well. At the beginning of my session, I was so awkward and nervous; but by the end, I felt like I had been in front of a camera for my entire life. This was all thanks to Christa's encouragement & direction!

Janae of To Have + To Hold Weddings

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Services + Investment


Do you want to stand out from the masses & book your dream clients?

CNP Brand Photography is your dream come true.

Choose the type of session that is perfect for your needs


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The Bite-size

Perfect for:

The busy creative who needs updated content for their social media platforms and blogs


What's Included:

- 1.5 hour session

- 30 images

- 10 day turn around time 

- Style and location consultation

- A friend for life





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The Bundle

Perfect for:

The creative who is committed to a consistent brand and doesn't want to deal with multiple photography styles.


What's Included:

- Three Bite-Sized Sessions

- 30 Images per session

- 10 day turn around every session

- Style and location consultation

- A friend for life





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The Signature

Perfect for:

The creative entrepreneur who needs a visual over-hall, is launching a new website, or writing a book. 


What's Included:

- Style and strategy video call

- 4 hours of shooting 

- 200 to 300 images

- 3 week turn around time

- A best friend for life






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