Nate + Jonai Engagement


 "Technically, Nate and I met when I was in the 8th grade when he and his dad came to coach out 8th grade softball team for the day.  I had a crush on Nate from the minute I first saw him.  At the time I had just made friends with the new girl in class named Nicole, and one day I went over to her house only to discover that the coach and cute blonde boy who had come to coach our softball team was actually Nicole's dad and her brother (Nate). Needless to say I knew early on I had to keep this crush a secret. Every once in a while I'd attend family events where I would see Nate and every time I would just turn bright red and hope that nobody noticed.  As an adult,  I saw in Nate things I wanted in a life partner, but these things were nothing more than fantasies at the time. I had no shot. Or so I thought. My now best friend Nicole went away to North Carolina for grad school, and Nate started reaching out to ME! We began Facebook messaging and then texting as "friends" but both new we had feelings for each other. After our first few times hanging out together I told myself I was either going to marry this guy or stop speaking to him and pretend like nothing ever happened so as to avoid any awkwardness with his family. Things have turned out better than I could have ever imagined! And Nicole gives us her full support haha! Nate is quite literally the man of my dreams and his love has exceeded all of my childish fantasies and expectations."  - Jonai

It seems like love at first sight is a trend with Nate & Jonai because I fell in love instantly when we met the for first time at Milk and Honey. I treasured hearing the silly and adorable couple recount their love story. For their engagement session, we had a grand time climbing trees and hiking all around Riley Wilderness Park. Our most eventful moment was when I had literally gone out on a limb to get a shot and then couldn't get down. haha! In my attempt for a quick decent, I moved farther out on the limb thinking I could just jump down. It was still a good twelve feet up and much too far for a petite girl without parkour skills. The dynamic duo came to my rescue! Jonai smartly supervised and Nate reached up and lowered me down. I feel like we walked away from that unplanned trust fall friends. I am stoked beyond belief to shoot their wedding at the Grand Tradition in October!