The #1 Mistake you are making on Instagram

We are all trying to crack the Instagram code, connect with our dream clients, and create a flourishing business. There are so many tips and tricks out there for growing a following and increase your engagement. But I can tell you the number one mistake you are making on Instagram: Not posting images of yourself. 

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But before you roll your eyes or list a bunch of excuses as to why you don't have any images to post, listen to my two reasons why having your face at least once in every 9 images is so vastly important.

1. It helps you build trust with your potential clients

A client isn't going to hire you if they don't trust you. And I client can't trust you if they don't know you! Most of us wedding vendors and creative entrepreneurs have a personal brand and are a one-man show. You are the secret sauce behind your business' success! 

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2. It prevents you from being price shopped 

Let say a Bride is getting married and she is looking for a wedding planner. She is searching Instagram and she stumbles upon your feed. What does she see when she opens your profile? A lovely feed with beautiful images of weddings? Now tell me, what is setting your feed apart from the five other coordinators she just came across with stunning Instagram feeds? If it isn't your face and your personal brand then it is going to be your price. 

Instead of this bride inquiring because she has to have you, she is inquiring to see if your pricing is better than the other coordinators she has come across. 

By posting images of your face you can prevent your business from being price shopped and make your dream clients fall in love with you. 

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