3 Steps to Dreamy Images for Your Blog + Social Media

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When I first started photography I used to look at other photographers and get all huffy and puffy. 

It would be easy to take good photos if I had that type of gear.

I would be able to take good lifestyle image if I had giant windows in my apartment. 

I can't take pretty lifestyle images because I don't have large marble countertops and white walls. 

But guess what? You don't need fancy gear, floor to ceiling windows, or marble countertops to take lovely lifestyle photos for your social media and blog. You just need to follow these three tips. 

1. Find good light 

Good light must be your priority above everything else. It is placed above pretty backdrops or even above the cute thing you are trying to take a photo of. If you have bad light your image will be bad and it doesn't matter how lovely your subject or backdrop is. 

Let's define good light - soft even light on your subject from bottom to top. 

This can be sort of subjective depending on your photography style. But if you are trying to achieve a timeless looking image, that if soft and bright then this is how to achieve it. 

You don't need giant windows to have good light you just need one window or even door. You will want to shoot when there is no direct sunlight coming through your window. If there is not enough space inside or your house or apartment is like a cave, go outside and find a shady spot. 

I often shoot with the light from my open front door, or even outside on our little porch. 

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2. Choose a good background. 

This is priority number two. A good even background is one that also has soft even light from top to bottom. Having dark shadows or bright highlights in the background will distract from your subject. 

You might be getting discouraged at this point thinking you don't have a space like this where you live. I don't have a space like this either yet I am able to create dreamy images on the regular. Our next and final tip will be the game changer. 

3. Get a white foam board

Say goodbye to all your excuses and go to your local office supply store and get yourself 3-5 white foam boards. You want the thin foam core that is about 20x28 inches. Now that you have a clean even background that you can take where ever there is good light! The best part is that they are only a couple dollars a piece! 

There you have it! Now you are equipped and ready to take some dreamy lifestyle images for your blog and social media! 

Final Note

I specifically chose images for this post that I photographed in this way. There are certain spots in my apartment that I don't need to use the white foam boards but I wanted to show you what you could do! 

Behind the scenes look:

I do have a white desk that is a great backdrop but the light there can be less than ideal for most of the day so on occasion I have unplugged my iMac, moved it to good light, and used the foam core as my back drops. You can't even tell! The first image of this post is an example of that!


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