4 Outfit Guidelines for your Photo Shoot

Have you ever stood in front of your closet and thought, "I have NOTHING to wear!". This is obviously untrue and we enough clothing to not repeat an outfit for months. I think we all know the real issue is not about clothing but about not knowing what to wear. I know clothing can be a big stressor right before having your engagement photos taken. So I have put together four guidelines to help you choose the best outfit for your photoshoot! 

Outfits Should Go, NOT match

The point of the engagement session is to capture the love that naturally exists between two people. Most couples do not walk around in matching outfits. If my husband and I get ready to go somewhere and realize we are wearing the same thing, one of us would automatically want to change. Why? Because we feel silly and look silly when we match. Instead pick a color pallet (like blue and white, or lavender and grey) and select clothing according to that. In my opinion, soft earth tones and neutrals with minimal patterns look the best. 

Cody & Megan Eng 117.jpg

Comfort is Key

I am not saying come in your yoga pants and sweats, but your clothing should not feel like a hindrance. Most people (myself included) have some uneasiness when they step in front of the lens, and you are wearing to contribute to that feeling! Those new shoes might be super cute but you wont be worried about how cute they are when you are grimacing because of blisters.   

Know your photographer 

This is so important. Some photographers love the drama and want you to come in a fancy dress and suit with your personal stylist. Other photographers like a more authentic feel and might ask you to do things that you probably not want to do in your fancy dress and heels: like hike to your location, stand in the water, or frolic around. Check out your photographer's recent work and look at the outfits those couples are doing and wearing. 

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 Be yourself 

This is, in my opinion, the most important! If you do not feel like yourself in what you are wearing you will have a hard time feeling like yourself in front of the camera. If you don't like to wear dresses then there is no reason to put one on for your engagement photos. This also isn't the best time to try out that super trendy style you aren't sure about. My advice is to keep it classic and simple. You will look the best in front of the camera by feeling most like yourself.