4 Compelling Reasons to Stay connected to the Seasons

I am all about the seasons. It is like a hobby for me and some might say I am obsessed. I just love them! I alter our decor with the seasons, I journal about it, my reading and music choices change with the season and that is just the tip of the ice burg.

The reason I do this isn't just because I like pumpkin spice lattés and cozy sweaters but because being in tune with the season adds so much value to my life. I think it can for you too! Here are four reasons why! 

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1. It slows us down + helps us live presently

We live in a fast paced world. Our culture tells us we do more and be more. When people ask how are, we often answer, "busy!" and we say it with a little gleam of pride. But what if busy and more isn't always better?

I love how Greg Mcknowen says, "What if we stopped celebrating being busy as a measurement of importance? What if instead, we celebrated how much time we had spent listening, pondering, meditating, and enjoying time with the most important people in our lives?”

Living with an awareness of the seasons can help us to be aware of the days passing, make the most of our time with our loved ones, and focus on the things that really matter. 

2. Each season has something to teach us 

The world was designed so intentionally and beautifully and the changing of the seasons has so much to teach us. Summer is a time of growth and excitement. Winter is a time of rest and stillness.

Growth and rest are both necessary for nature and humans to flourish. Being aware of these nuances can help you live in a more balanced and thoughtful way. 

3. It is a creative outlet 

No matter if you consider yourself a creative or work in an office from 9-5, creating is life giving and fun. Even if you can't even draw a stick figure, there are so many ways use your creative juices to stay in tune with the seasons! 

We can do this by changing up our decorations, doing a seasonal DIY, cooking with seasonal fruits and veggies, or getting outside in the changing weather.

You may not think of some of these things as a typical "creative outlet" but every one of those can things can to shake up your normal routine and inspire you!


4. It gives you an opportunity to create + maintain traditions 

Some people might have different experiences with traditions. Maybe you loved going to the pumpkin patch every year with your family. Maybe you hated putting up Christmas lights in the snow. Maybe traditions were nonexistent for you.

Even though the definition of a tradition is the transmission of customs from one generation to another, it doesn't mean they can't improve! No matter how you feel about traditions, the truth is that they can be used to bring people together and form memories with the people you love.

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