7 Tips to Create the Best Staycation

Let's be honest, traveling on vacation just isn't in the budget as often as we want. But who says our time off has to be lame? We can make the most of our time and have an awesome staycation! But just like traveling, a staycation requires some prep work. Here are 7 tips to creating the best staycation ever! 

1. Pick a Focus 

This is my secret ingredient to transforming a week of just hanging out to a staycation. Choose a country or a type of place you want to go to and let it theme your vacation! Just like if you were going to traveling on your vacation, the quality of research and prep directly influences the quality of vacation. Take an afternoon and do a little research on the country or place of your choice. Get a good feel for their culture and how they spend their time. 

2. Adopted Habits

Adopt some of the lifestyle quirks of the culture you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen England have tea time everyday or if you have chosen Spain, have a daily siesta! It isn't necessary to change everything but it is fun to integrate one or two things into your time off.  


Spruce up your home and give it that inviting hotel feel! This is accomplished by little things like freshly washed bed linens and towels, and cheery cut flowers in vases around your home.  If you are extra ambitious, make your home itself feel international by changing up your decor! Hang flags, bring in new colors or display physical elements like shells and sand! 

3. Meal Prep

During your research, look into what kinds of foods are unique to the culture you chose! Plan a couple (or all) of your meals to be recipes specific to your country! I suggest planning this and going to the store the week before so you have everything you need ready to go!  

2. Finish Chores 

Do you all of your deep cleaning and laundry beforehand so that your staycation can be all relaxation! This also helps your home feel fresh and inviting, like you are at a resort! 

4. Prepare Entertainment 

During your initial research find or create playlists, in the traditional and contemporary music of your country, and  google films and books that are based in or feature your focus! It is so smart to do this beforehand so that your staycation is not wasted scrolling through Netflix, you will have everything at your fingertips! 

5. Take a Field Trip

If you aren't wanting to spend all of your staycation inside (which is totally fine too), pick a couple fun outings to go on! Find a that authentic Italian restaurant, head over to little Tokyo, or check out the French art in the gallery near you! There are so many avenues to experience culture in your area! 

6. Indulge a Little 

Make a list of things you've never done or have been wanting to do and actually do them! Have breakfast in bed! Do an at home spa treatment! Try that new restaurant! Dream away and make it happen! 

7. Remember you are on vacation 

Lastly, remember you are on vacation. With technology it is so easy to check your email "real quick" but don't give in! This time is for you to relax and even just doing a little work will take you out of your peaceful bliss. So set yourself up to succeed and put work out of sight, make an automatic email response, and if you have to put your phone on airplane mode. 



P.s. What are some of your staycation favorites?