Announcement: CNP Signature Vendor Sessions

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The day has finally come where I am announcing the "new service" I've been hinting at for months! The idea came to me the first day of my sabbatical while doing dishes. How had I never seen this giant hole in our industry before? 

I got to work on this idea right away asking my fellow wedding vendors if my epiphany had any substance. But the feed back was unanimous. There was a common pain point with showcasing, curating, and sharing their work!

After this overwhelming response, I decided to put my heart to work and the CNP Vendor Sessions were born.

CNP Vendor Sessions - Bite-sized brand photography for wedding vendors. 

I consider it SUCH an honor to help other wedding vendors stand out from the masses and book the brides of their dreams. If you are a wedding vendor, this sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for, then CNP Vendor Sessions are your dream come true! 

Click here to learn more!

Because I am so excited about this new service and in celebration mode over here, I've made a party favor just for you! 

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A mini- email course called 5 weeks to a stress-free feed! Its purpose is to help you get your sanity back and equip you to plan your social media content with ease. Just fill out the form below to get your party favor! 

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