The Highlight Reel 2017

I am so very grateful for the couples that allowed me to share in their love story and photograph their weddings this year. Each and every wedding was beautiful and unique in its own way. I cried at every single one and every couple holds a special place in my heart! 

Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite images from 2017! 

Daniel + Kelsie Blog-23.jpg
Jenna + Jordan Blog-31.jpg
Marissa & Michael Engagement Blog-21.jpg
Heather & Cameron Blog-1.jpg
A + C Wed BLOG-33.jpg
Caitlin + Jason Wedding-563.jpg
Caitlin + Jason Wedding-584.jpg
Shannon + Cory Wed Blog-1.jpg
Shannon + Cory Wed Blog-21.jpg
Chrissy + Alex SM-60.jpg
Chrissy + Alex SM-78.jpg
Jill + Chris Wedding Blog-59.jpg
Jill + Chris Wedding Gallery-580.jpg
Jill + Chris Wedding Gallery-588.jpg
Jill + Chris Wedding Blog-1.jpg
Tyler + Danielle Wed Blog-68.jpg
Jeannette + Derick Eng Blog-4.jpg
Joe + Summer Blog-1.jpg
Joe + Summer Blog-5.jpg
Nate + Jonai Anniversary Blog-2.jpg
Nate + Jonai Anniversary Blog-12.jpg
Marissa + Michael Wed Blog-32.jpg
Marissa + Michael Wed Blog-3.jpg
Liz + Richard Blog-55.jpg
Liz + Richard Blog-69.jpg
Evan + Kenny Blog-6.jpg
Evan + Kenny Blog-8.jpg
Anna + Sam Blog-9.jpg
Anna + Sam Blog-14.jpg
Janelle + Matt Engagement Gallery-125.jpg
Janelle + Matt's Engagement Highlight-18.jpg
Janelle + Matt's Engagement Highlight-42.jpg
Chris + Sophia Engagement Blog-2.jpg
Chris + Sophia Engagement Blog-11.jpg

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