Bride to Bride: June

Come learn from one of my past brides who understands exactly how you are feeling right now! She's going to share what she wished she'd done differently, what she loved, and more helpful advice!  

Bride: Kelsie Laurie

Wedding Dress: Reformation 

Florist: Olive & Bloom 

Venue: El Adobe

What is something you wish you knew before the wedding planning process?

I wish I knew and was prepared how to delegate more responsibilities. For example, having more pictures and ideas so that people would have the freedom to run off my idea.

Because what I learned in this process was that people constantly ask you, the bride, what you want. Over and over again. So get used to answering lots of questions!

However, instead of always having to answer some of those small questions, empower those that you've delegated by giving them a clear and clean layout of how they can help. People are willing to help, but need clarity on your vision! 

What is one of your favorite memories from the wedding?

My favorite memory was something my husband came up with. Since he's from the Philippines, many of his family and friends couldn't make the wedding due to visa and finances restrictions. So he had a vision to include them in the wedding by collecting videos of well wishes from all of them.

I knew he was doing this project, but I decided to not watch any of them until the day of the wedding. Oh my goodness, as soon as that video started, the tears began!

We met and fell in love in the Philippines so it meant the world to hear from those that witnessed the beginning of our relationship. 

Is there anything you wish you would have done differently?

I wish I had felt from the start more of the permission to pamper myself. I was so focused on the budget, on saving money, and so the idea of spending a ton of money on things for myself didn't sound ideal.

I'm very low maintenance, don't' like a lot of attention, but I learned throughout the process that it's okay! It's a wedding! It's a special time to take care of yourself and feel beautiful on the day of. 

If you could give one piece of advice to another bride, what would it be? 

I would suggest to pick the few things that really matter to you (such as the photographer, dress, food, etc.) and put the energy into that. If you focus on all the tiny details, you'll drive yourself crazy and forget some of the big picture things.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Include your husband in the process and know what skills he can bring to the table. Although teamwork at times was challenging, it was worth it because it was something we created together.

I'm such a planner and forward thinker, and he's more of the creative implementer. And it was great to acknowledge the differences between us and see how it all came together! 

Do you have any tips for staying connected to your Fiancรฉ while wedding planning? Or any advice for cultivating a good foundation for marriage?

Take 1-2 nights a week where there is zero wedding talk.I've heard this from so many people, but yes, it's completely true. I cannot stress enough how weird it feels after a wedding because all of that build up leads to a one-day event.

So take those free times to invest in the marriage that comes after the wedding, either by going through wedding prep questions, going on a hike or adventure, and simply have fun. 

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