Bride to Bride: November

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Bride to Bride is a series where I interview my brides about their wedding experience! These past brides have so much wisdom and helpful insights! Plus I love getting to reconnect with my ladies and relive their beautiful weddings days with them!

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What is something you wish you knew before the wedding planning process?

I knew the wedding planning process would be stressful, but it was even more overwhelming than I thought it would be. There were many times when we wished we had just eloped somewhere. As you are in that overwhelming sea of stress and emotions it is hard to believe, but it is totally and completely worth it in the end. Our wedding day was the absolute best day ever!

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What is one of your favorite memories from the wedding day?

I had woken up the morning of my wedding day well before my alarm and by 7:00 am had already cried three times. The emotion of the day really caught up with me. As the day progressed and I got ready, my stomach was in knots. Not because I was worried, but because of the anticipation. Driving to the venue, I told my mom and dad that I always thought I'd cry during the ceremony, but now I didn't think I would.

While waiting with my dad for the ceremony to start, my cousin/bridesmaid, came over and delivered a note from my husband-to-be. So typical for him, it was folded up into a tiny square and written with black Sharpie on yellow legal pad paper. It wouldn't be a note from my love if it didn't have at least one spelling error. It read (exactly):

"Just Breath. We will get through this, just like we do everything, TOGETHER!"

It was perfect.

I read it and instantly started bawling, which made my dad cry too... just in time to start walking down the aisle. I tried to pull it together as we walked, but I just couldn't.

Talking to my husband later, he pointed out that his note was also a nod to our first dance song of "Just Breathe" by Pearl Jam. He's just too cute.

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If you could go back, is there anything you wish you would have done differently?

I'd hire a videographer or enlist a friend to take videos of the key moments. We didn't think we needed video. A family member ended up surprising us by taking some videos on his phone of the ceremony and I'm so thankful that he did. I didn't realize the things you miss as the bride - our wedding party walking down the aisle, my nieces and nephew rolling our ring-bearer dog in her wagon to oohs and ahhs from our guests, myself and my dad fighting back tears on our way to the altar.

Photos caught these magical emotional moments too, but the short videos he took also captured our song, the sniffles, and the laughter. It was nice to be able to play some of these moments back. There is just something about seeing myself walk down the aisle with my dad and hearing Ed Sheeran sing "Thinking Out Loud" that makes the emotion pour right through me all over again.

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If you could give one piece of advice to another bride, what would it be?

Things will never go 100% as planned and that's okay. It's part of your wedding story.

For us, the biggest snag was when our wedding venue closed its doors two months before our wedding. Invitations had already been mailed and guests from the Midwest had already booked flights and hotel rooms. We found out we have some great support around us that rallied and helped us to find a new venue that turned out even better than the original.

Things may (and probably will) go wrong, but they will work out in the end... maybe just not how you planned. These are the stories you have to tell about your wedding day that make it unique and yours. Embrace them!

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Do you have any advice for staying connected with your fiancé during the planning process?

Having date nights where you find time to NOT talk about the wedding and planning will help to stay connected with your fiance during the planning process. Planning a wedding can take over your whole life, so finding time to focus on something else for awhile where wedding talk is off limits can definitely help relieve some of the stress and bring back some of the romance.

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