Bringing You Cheer (And A Gift)

Even though Christmas Eve is only a week away, (how did that happen?!) it can some time be hard to feel in the spirit of things. It might be that you are overwhelmed at work, or that it doesn't exactly feel like winter in your neck of the woods. Here in SoCal fall is finally catching on... a little.

Here is what you need to do. Put on a cozy sweater, grab a warm yummy drink and open a Christmas gift early. I don't mean one from under your tree (if you are like me there aren't any yet). Open the gift from me! Just for you I have put together a bunch of wintery images for you to use as your phone lock screen! 

I hope opening this free gift will bring some cheer and that seeing winter every time you look at your phone will put you more in the holiday spirit! 

Click here to open your gift! 

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