Cody & Megan

Cody is like a brother to me. I write that in the deepest and most full meaning of that phrase. Similar to a sibling I have seen him in highs and lows, strength and weakness, triumph and mistakes. The kind of friendship where you can be not all that happy with them but love them all the same. I was always wary when girls paid extra attention to him. My eyes would narrow and my protectiveness would come out because most of them weren't good enough; they weren't concerned with his heart.

At the beginning of our sibling-ship, we co-lead a trip to El Salvador and Megan was one of the six other people that came. When she confided in me a year later that she had feelings for Cody, I flashed back to all of the times he told me how much he enjoyed her friendship. Instead of my eyes narrowing in suspicion, they creased as I smiled, thinking of how good they would be together. Then I just sat back and  joyfully watched as they realized their friendship could be so much more. It is a dream come true (literally I daydreamed about it before they asked) to be photographing their wedding in October!