Cody & Megan: Faulkner Winery

The moment he pulled on his suit jacket, a lump rose in my throat, my breath caught, and tears began to overwhelm my eyes. Cody has been like a brother to me ever since my sophomore year of college. He has been my shoulder to cry on through breakups, played matchmaker as I got to know my now husband, and stood as a groomsmen at my wedding. I watched as his relationship with Megan went from friend to girlfriend, from girlfriend to fiancee, and on October 8th from fiancee to wife. And when Cody was dressed and ready to go marry his love, I felt the ugly cry coming on. I got the water works mostly under control but the crying didn't end there because it was a stunning day full of deep meaning and joyful celebration. Congrats Cody & Megan. I love you both dearly. 

Venue: Faulkner Winery | Videographers: The Hubs Films 

P.S. Here is the highlight video by The Hubs Films! I love their work and loved working with them this day!