Creating a Helpful and Inspiring Pinterest Board

Whether you are planning a wedding or getting inspiration for your dream kitchen, there should be a method to the madness! I mean how many times have you gone back to look at your board and have no idea why you pinned something? Or are you might be the one who is just pinning everything you think is pretty? I use to be (and sometimes still am) guilty of this too. The thing is, if your board is going to be helpful it needs to be beautiful and functional. Here are 4 tips to create and helpful and inspiring Pinterest board. 

1. Know your vision

Before you begin pinning know the vision for your wedding, kitchen, or season that you are pinning for. Decide on the color pallet, mood, and purpose for the board and stick to it. The truth is that there are a million beautiful things we could pin and(let's be honest)we for sure could spend the whole day doing it. However, if you want your board to be helpful as well as inspiring your need to stick to your specific vision. 

2. Write in specific captions

I know I know. I use to never do this either. I could just click the little save button and pin at least three more images in the time it would take me to write a specific caption. But this is worth it!

Let's say there is a photo of a living room that is a different style that what you would want but has the perfect rug to go with your dream space. Do you think in three months you will remember that? No way! 

3. Be inspired by "Unrelated" content 

What does a Parisian rooftop or a spoonful of blue pigment have to do with your wedding inspo? Everything! That roof top might capture the whimsical mood you want your wedding to have. Or that spoonful of pigment might be the exact shade of indigo you are looking for. You might fall in love with a tablescape you found from a Darling Magazine dinner party that is perfect for your bridal shower.  Don't be afraid to think outside of the box and pin "unrelated content". In fact, I encourage it! It will make your board more rich and inspiring! 

4. Delete old and unrelated content

I know you've had that style board for years now and that you've been pinning wedding photos before you even had a boyfriend. And it is time to go back through and refine the content so that it is in line with your vision and has helpful captions. You could have LOVED it then but it might not be right for now. Cut out the visual noise and make things more simple. 


Below are examples of Pinterest Boards I've created for my personal life and for my clients! 

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