3 Things to Know about Wedding Hashtags

Wedding hashtags are a necessary thing for your wedding but it does have its perks. If you do use one then you don't have to wait on your photographer to see documentation if your big day! You can relive your special moments right away through the eyes of your family and friends. 

I can almost hear your audible sigh as you think about adding one more thing to your massive to-do list. But don't worry I've put together 3 things you should know about your wedding hashtag so it is an easy process. 

1. Delegate!

Girlfriend, I know you have been dreaming about this day for forever but you do not have to do everything yourself! This simple task is one you can give to your future husband or maid of honor! My husband was tasked with this job when we were planning our wedding and he had a really fun time coming up with tons of different and funny options. 

2. Start using it before the wedding 

Most people that have a wedding hashtag, have a sign displaying it at their wedding so friends and family can see it! But sometimes in all of the excitement it can get overlooked. That is why I recommend to start using it before the actual wedding.

When ever you post photos of you and your future spouse, rehearsal dinner or just general pre wedding festivities use the hashtag! This way friends and family will see it before and know to use it on the day of your wedding.   


Let's be real. You don't want some stranger's weird pictures jumbled in with the photos from the best day of your life. If you have fairly common names, try making it unique by creating a pun, adding the date, and/or location.

If you are absolutely stuck on creating a unique hashtag no need to worry! Here are links to a couple wedding hashtag generators. 

Free Wedding Hashtag Generator - Simple and to the point. You only need to type in your names.

 Wedding Wire Hashtag Generator - By far the most detailed with at least a dozen questions to fill out. 

Wedding Mix Generator- Put in your names and date, and select a fun, classic or offbeat option. 

Best of luck! 

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