Everyday Treasures

If you didn't know, my husband and I live in the beautiful beach town of Dana Point. I didn't grow up near the ocean so this is still a magical experience for me and honestly I hope I never get over it. But in the midst of work, errands and every day life it is easy not to fully experience this wonderful place we live in. So a couple weekends ago, we decided to take a morning walk to the ocean. Kyle pick our route while I made our lunch and we set off for our little adventure. We eventually got to the ocean but it took us longer than we had anticipated. Why? Because, along the way, there were so many little treasures we had to stop and take in. We felt like our eyes were opened to see our home like we never had before! There were so many colors, plants, architecture, and homes that we had never taken the time to see before but found they are so complex and lovely in their own way. I hope these photos inspire you to take the time to find the hidden treasures where you live! This definitely won't be the last weekend walk we take.