How to Decide if a First Look is Right for You

The First Look. Will it be a necessary part of your wedding day? Or are you more traditional and not into this newer trend? I have to admit I had mixed feelings about it when I got married and went the traditional route. But after photographing one amazing couple after another for their First Looks, I have come to love it just as much. 

The best way to make a decision is to take a look at the pros and cons which is exactly what i've done for you in this post!



  • The aisle moment  
  • More time to get ready
  • No pressure on groom for reaction 


  • Less time for photos
  • No cocktail hour for bride & groom
  • Photos of wedding party, bride & groom, and family all need to be taken within the time of the cocktail hour

First Look


  • Time for just the two of you
  • More time for Bride & Groom Photos
  • Bride & Groom Attend Full Cocktail Hour


  • No walking down aisle surprise
  • Pressure on groom for a good Reaction
  • Tons of extra time together can sometimes make it feel anticlimactic

As you can see there are good aspects to both and whether a First Look is for you depends upon your personalities. If your groom is not animated and expressive person there might be too much pressure on his reaction and the First Look might  not be for for you.


But if you really want to attend your cocktail hour, it might be a better route for you.  One is not inherently better or more special than the other, but you do need to ask yourself which is better and more special to you. 

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