Happy Birthday CNP!

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CNP has officially been in business full time for two years! After deciding I wanted to be a photographer at 17, graduating with my bachelors in fine art photography, and two years of working part-time at trader joes while interning, assisting, and building my business I was able to go full time! 

It seems like an eternity ago and a millisecond all at once. 

Owning my own photography business hasn't been easy (I don't lounge at the beach and work at trendy coffee shops every day) but it has been indescribably wonderful. In times when I have been discouraged or overwhelmed, I always come back to the heart of my business. 

To serve, encourage, and bless my clients with images they can treasure for a lifetime. I do this by connecting personally with each client, delighting them each step of the way, and educating them so they can have an effortless and joyful photographic experience. 

My clients are my heroines and I am their guide. Never the other way around. 

I am so grateful for every single client I have worked with over the last two years. You made all of this possible! 

And you will always hold a special place in my heart! 

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