Jason & Haylie: Torrey Pines State Park

This session started with me walking onto a nude beach and ended with a California burrito and two really great people. I didn't meet Jason and Haylie at the nude beach, as you can see they are fully clothed, I was at the wrong location and after quickly realizing my mistake I left immediately. Haha! Unlike the nude beach, Jason, Hailey and I hit if off right away and had such a fun time exploring Torrey Pines State Park (don't forget the state park part... that apparently is important if you don't want to end up somewhere very different)! This couple isn't engaged but after knowing one another for so long, who wouldn't want new photos! After the sun set over the beautiful ocean and our session had technically ended, Jason took us to his favorite burrito spot near by. We told stories and laughed well into the evening. It was the best kind of day: eventful, beautiful and full of laughter.