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So far this year I've been sharing my goals with you every month. All of my goals from business to personal but this month I am making a slight change. I love sharing because I hope you can learn from my successes as well as my mistakes and remember that you are not alone.

However, I've realized that in my heart I have made my work too much of my identity. The truth is I am not what I do and life is so much more than my job. I am trying to live out that truth, and giving a greater emphasis to Christa the human not just Christa the photographer and business owner. 

While I still have many goals for my business I will only be sharing my personal ones. This is an attempt to help shift my focus and to see myself as a whole person. 

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Here is how I did with my personal goals last month: 


Run 3 miles + do three pull-ups: I was able to run 3 miles but I am still building my body strength and only able to do 2 pull-ups. 

Summer-ize Home: This is something fun I do every season and was so excited to switch things up and make it feel a bit more like summer in our home! 

Opening Summer Ceremony: Nailed it! We opened up summer by having a lovely day at the beach and then getting burgers and shakes at the Shake Shake in Crystal Cove. 

Go For a Hike: This didn't happen. I basically forgot about it. hahah 


Go to the beach: I was able to spend a day at the beach almost every week, even if it was not sunny and warm. 

Connect with family: I did it!!!! I was in touch with my family every week! Boomtown. If you haven't followed along this is a goal I have been trying to cultivate for a while now. We've been using Voxer and it has been such a success! 

Exercise 5 days: The last couple of weeks I wasn't able to exercise all 5 days like normal. We have had a lot of activities and friends visiting and it has thrown off our routine! 

One social Media free day: Was able to do this most weeks! I love doing this and it brings me so much life. I hope to eventually have two social media free days but I am starting small and working my way up to it! 

Check Personal Email: Totally did not do this goal. I think I checked my email maybe once? Not good but hoping to make progress. 

Cook with seasonal veggies and fruit: This has mainly looked like having Artichokes and nectarines for snacks but I hope to make popsicles this next month! 

Daily Goals: 

1 hour outside: I was able to do this most days! It was the best! 

Learn Italian: I am really wanting to be less casual and more intentional about my learning! I was able to spend time every day! 

10,000 Steps: I did this almost every day the first few weeks of the month but slacked off a little bit the last week. 

End work on time: This is by far the most difficult goal for me. The first week of June I did really well but haven't been as intentional about it. I've created an end of workday routine that I hope will help me wind down and wrap things up so I can end when I am supposed to. 

No Instagram outside of work: I have been really good at this and it has just been the best! I feel more present and less scattered. 

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I seriously cant believe it is July! It is crazy how fast June flew by! Here are my goals for this next month! 


Run 4 miles + 3 Pull-ups: Since I made my mileage goal in June I am upping it this month! I have a summer goal of being able to run 5 miles comfortably! But since I didn't progress when it comes to pull-ups, I am leaving the goal at 3! 

Plant Seeds for Fall Garden: To be honest, my summer garden has not been flourishing. I have had a ton of trouble with pests and made a couple rooky mistakes. But I am not letting it discourage me from continuing gardening! This fall I am hoping to have Sunflowers, Black-eyed Susans, and a Chinese Lanterns!

Learn to use past tense in Italian: In the past, I have just set really general goals for my language learning but I really want to progress more and I think setting specific goals will really help! 

Go on a Hike: Even though we weren't able to make this happen in June, I hope we can do it this July! I love the ocean but it is nice to have other scenery too! 

Paint table: A couple months ago I did a really bad job painting the table for our kitchen nook and it really really needs to be redone! 


Go to the beach: You might think it is weird to have this on my list because I live a 3-minute walk from the ocean but it can be so easy to not spend time there if you aren't intentional. I want to make the most of it this summer! 

Connect with family: I am still wanting to cultivate this goal and make it into a habit! 

Personal Email: I need to create some sort of routine for this. 

One social media free day: As I said above it helps me be more present in my life! I love how Lara Casey calls her days off, "days on" to help her be more present and engaged with her family! 

Exercise 5 days: Even if that is for 5 minutes! Anything helps and creates the habit! 

Cook Seasonally: This month I really want to make popsicles! 


No Snooze: I used to never ever snooze my morning alarm. But since being married it can be tempting to just roll over and snuggle with my husband for 5 minutes more and I have gotten into the habit of snoozing. I want to break this habit so that I can get up and have my life giving routine! 

Respond to friends: I am really bad at responding to texts. I sort of treat them like emails and I get easily overwhelmed when I have a ton. But I want to be intentional with my friends more than I want to not be on my phone so I am hoping to create a time each the day where I can respond and not let the texts pile up. 

End work on time: Making progress and trying to cultivate this goal!  

30 minutes of Italian: In the past I've been spending anywhere from 5 - 30 minutes studying but I really want to get better so I am investing more time! 

10,000 Steps per day: For me this looks like getting up every hour to walk 250 steps and going for a mile walk on my lunch. If I can do that I can make my step count no problem! 

And there you have it! My personal goals for July! 

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What is one goal you are hoping to cultivate this month?

Let me know in the comments below!

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