Nate + Lauren Engagement

Lauren and Nate met on a spontaneous whirlwind of a night: a dorm lobby card game, an In N Out run,  a random parking lot dance party, and a connection that will last a lifetime. They  are one of those couples that only have eyes for one another. Their love powerfully finds its voice in every quiet moment. Every glance, touch, and laugh is saturated in it. During their engagement session,  I did little to help create these sweet moments. It simply wasn't needed. The love of Nate and Lauren isn't shy; it unapologetically presents itself in their friendship. As the bystander, I merely captured what was in front of me. Like love usually does, it left an imprint on my heart and made me so thankful for my husband. I went home that day reinvigorated to love him in every season like I promised on our wedding day. 

NAte & Lauren Eng Blog 05.jpg