Nate + Jonai: Grand Tradition

Nate was quite literally the man of her dreams. He is the older brother of Jonai's childhood best friend and she had had a crush on him ever since middle school. Nate's constant presence in her life had shaped her expectations of the man she would marry but she never seriously thought it would be him. As adults, their friendship grew, and they realized their mutual silliness was a love worth committing their lives to.  Jonai's childhood dream became a reality before her eyes, and the real thing has exceeded all her expectations.

Sitting in Milk and Honey last year, I fell in love with this couple and their love story! As you all know, I have over-active tear glands and tear up at most weddings but this time they flowing. Especially when Nate's sister (Jonai's lifelong BFF and now sister-in-law) gave her speech. I could hardly see through my camera from all the tears! 

Brighten someone’s day and share this with a bride to be!

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