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Kenny is the type of guy who decides what he wants and never wavers. He knew Evan was the girl he wanted to spend his life with when they were young but waited to pursue her until they were older. While Kenny waited for the right time Evan, grew to respect and adore him and when the time was just right it seemed like the stars aligned and everything fell into place. That foundation of friendship was ever aparent on their wedding day.

In a beautiful lacy gown, Evan tiptoed up to Kenny and tapped him on his shoulder and he looked at his bride for the first time. They share a sweet embrace and then almost immediately started recounting the day's events to one another.

Before the first look, I always tell the bride and groom to just look over at me and let me know when they were ready for portraits and normally this usually only takes up half of the time allotted. But Evan and Kenny chatted, and joked and laughed the entire time. I smiled to myself and happily gave them their time because I could see what others might not - two best friends who loved sharing every moment of their lives together.

At the end of the day when the sun was setting, we snuck away to take a couple last portraits in the golden light. As they held one another close everything seemed to still and it was so beautiful I couldn't hold back a could tears. Thank you thank you, Evan and Kenny, for allowing me the honor of documenting your love. Congratulations you two! 


The Vendor Team

Venue: Orcutt Ranch | Coordinator: Frankly Weddings | Rentals: Alex Party Rentals | Flowers: Whole Foods | Makeup + Hair: Kohnur | Caterer: Border Grill | Wedding Cake: JJ Bakery Dress Designer: Kenneth Winston

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