Playful Anniversary Session In Joshua Tree | Japan Wedding Photographer

Joshua Tree Engagement Session Christa Norman Photography-1.jpg

We sat on the 91 freeway. All cars were at a dead stop. We looked at gps and our arrival time changed to 5:50. The same time as the sunset. As we crept onward, we tried to think of other possibilities. Could we shoot in the morning? Could we stop somewhere else that was closer? The increasing flow of traffic must have lifted our spirits because we decided to give it a go anyway. Joshua Tree was worth it.

Jess + Chris had flown down that morning from San Francisco, because we were shooting a wedding together in Palm Springs the next day. Months earlier we anticipated all being together and decided to swap couples session. I would photograph Jess and Chris Friday evening in Joshua Tree, and she would photograph Kyle and I in Palm Springs the next morning.

Our plans started to unravel as we got closer to the desert and it seemed like a lost cause. But I am so thankful for their spontaneous spirit because it was SO worth it! We got so many playful and sweet images of them, not to mention the killer sunset.

Jess + Chris, you two are just the best! It was so fun spending time together in person and having to privilege of documenting your love!


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