Preston & Jess: Orange County Engagement

A boy raised in China and a girl from San Clemente are worlds apart and it would seem there was little hope of them ever meeting. However, the world is more connect than we often think! Preston, being raised in a place that doesn't value personal freedom, had a strong desire to fight for freedom and join the marines when he moved back to the States. He was stationed at Camp Pendleton just down the road from San Clemente.

Jess decided to try a dating app but didn't have high expectations for anything to come from it. But when she was matched with Preston that all changed. She was intrigued by the honest and up-front way he portrayed himself. Not too long after that, they met in person and all meeting-online-fears were abandoned.  There was no shortage of conversation, no lack of laugher, and no notice of the clock as time flew by. And today they are getting married! So excited for these two! 

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