Reflections of Summer

The brilliant sun, the ocean spray, and the cool breeze are some of my favorite parts of summer. These things, of course, do not disappear once summer ends and fall begins, especially in sunny southern California. But I am a firm believer that living presently is so important to a thriving life and so even though the weather may not change, our mindsets should. So in these last couple weeks of summer, it is time to reflect on what has happened, and make the most of the time we have left. I have thought up a couple of simple questions for you, answered two myself, and collected some of my favorite photos from this season! 

Reflection Questions:

- Did you feel like you made the most of you summer? 

- What is your favorite summer memory this year? Ever?

- What have you learned from this season? 

- What is one last way you can celebrate summer before it is over? 

Do I feel like I made the most of my summer? In some ways, yes but no in others. This summer felt very full for the Norman household, but thankfully mostly in a good way. My business has been thriving, my husband and I got spend a weekend in Canada (shooting a wedding), and we finally went on our belated honeymoon to Italy. It is safe to say it was a good summer. In fact, it was a wonderful summer. However, summer holds a joyful energy in one hand and a restful stillness in the other. I had many joyfully energetic days, which I am so thankful for, but I wish I had carved out more time for being still and just do nothing. In these last days of summer, I am going to have at least one more day where I sit on the beach all day reading a book and bodysurfing with my husband.