David + Vika | San Clemente Pier Anniversary Session | Destination Wedding Photographer

This January I participated in something really cool called the Big Fake Wedding, a bridal show in the form of a fake wedding with a real couple renewing their vows!

I intentionally to get to know each and every couple as people not just as a bride and groom. It isn't just something I like to do if I have time but LOVE to do because it plays a vital role in allowing me to serve my couples well, and giving them the best photographic experience.

And for a fake wedding it was no different.

So I reached out to the Big Fake Wedding Team months before the event to try to get in touch with the couple who would be renewing their vows at the San Diego Event. 

It turned out that they didn't have a couple yet, and asked me if I had any recommendations. David and Vika came to my mind immediately. It turns out that they were a perfect fit and were chosen! 

This sweet couple have a thriving marriage and really seek to love one another unconditionally. It was a joy and honor to document their love and get to know these dear friends in a new way. 

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