Tony & Molly Wedding: Downtown Orange

In college Molly and I worked together at a summer camp in the Santa Cruz mountains. As the other counselors and I ran around with our campers under the redwoods she ran after us, camera in hand, filming our silly amazing moments. 

Years later, I found myself running around Orange with Molly and Tony but this time I was the one behind the camera document their wedding day. The wedding process is a lot like working at a summer camp. It is an amazingly crazy season, with all emotions heightened, that bonds people together for life.

Their day was so lovely and full of sweet meaningful moments. Like when Tony read the many letters Molly had written to her future husband. Or when one of the bridesmaids, so overwhelmed with her love for the bride and groom, cried through whole ceremony. Not to mention all of the decorations that were designed and hand crafted by the father of the bride. My tender heart was overflowing with the sweetness of this day.

Ceremony Venue: Calvary Chapel Santa Anna | Reception Venue: Woman's Club of Orange | Florals: The Native Poppy