Travel Guide: Fullerton

Artists, entrepreneurs, & foodies alike have flocked to Fullerton and converted it into a flourishing hub of picturesque shops & eateries.
— Ciara Springer

I went to college at Biola University and though there was a ton of  things to do on campus, the town of La Mirada didn't have a robust downtown scene. In fact, there isn't a downtown at all; so for our off-campus needs, my fellow Biolans and I would flock to Fullerton. This town  has a special place in my heart and is somewhere I love to revisit. I have personally frequented many of the featured and recommended places in this travel guide, yet some are fun new adventures for me!  One noteworthy thing that I did not feature in this guide is Fullerton's great night life. If you are looking for a night out on the town, a place to try out some dance moves,  and a couple of good drinks, downtown Fullerton's got you covered! 

Meet Ciara Springer, the sweetest speech pathologist that ever existed and one of my best friends! She has lived in the fullerton area for six years and two of those were with me! Together we made it through the shock of graduation and the post-grad slump. We spent countless hours in Fullerton's coffee shops day dreaming and planning roommate adventures. Those day trips were a huge part of the development of these travel guides. Without Ciara's support and mutual love for travel during the scary time after graduation, I don't know what I would have done! Grab your travel buddy and come discover new places with us!  


Southern California’s larger cities can be a tad overwhelming, especially for a small town, out-of-stater like myself. Reveling in the perks of this city does not require paying ludicrous parking fees or committing to hop in and out of the car multiple times. It simply calls for an open afternoon & a heart for exploration.
— Ciara Springer

- FOOD - 

Rialto Cafe

Rialto Cafe is the perfect brunch spot in the center of historic downtown. It first opened its doors in the 1920's as a movie theater and didn't loose its retro charm! The cafe has stayed true to its roots and kept its vintage feel but has also added it's own modern twist. Be sure to notice the black and white movies they have playing above the bar. Everything on the menu is delicious and we've never ordered anything we didn't like! Some of my favorites are the breakfast panini and the Rialto parfait. 

If you are wanting lunch food and craving a great burger, check out the Burger Parlor!  It also has an upbeat retro feel and great food. They have fun malt and shake options, like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, crafted from their in-house ice cream. Looking for a good beer and a pub vibe? Go to the Pint House! It  has over twenty craft beers on tap, plentiful seating in their outdoor garden, and live music in the evenings. They've got killer garlic fries and a unique happy hour for every day of the week! Interested in discovering authentic Indian food? Head down the road to the Curry Hut . We have friends from India who swear by this place! 


Green Bliss

Green Bliss is a great coffee spot that is all about protecting Mother Earth! They buy local, compost all food scraps, use recyclable to-go products, and much more!  When I still lived in the area, this is where I would come to get a really good cup of coffee. There is great indoor and outdoor seating, phenomenal window light (something I delight in), and a really friendly staff! They only offer one hour of WiFi per customer so if you are planning on staying a while and using the internet, use your time wisely! Or take this opportunity to log off and read that book you've been meaning to finish. 

Another option for coffee is the Night Owl. It is a cozy spot with a bohemian feel and late hours. They always are supporting local artist with open mic nights, poetry readings, and concerts! Most of their decor is from local artist too!  


Endless coffee & tea options, brick walls, ice cream sandwiches, regular sandwiches, books as wall paper, great window light, couches, outdoor courtyard... this place has it all! It is a cozy blend of classical old world and modern styles. Drip is dedicated to serving the best and they are serious about their beans. They only purchase small roasted batches and check in on the coffee farms they partner with a couple times a year. They keep things fresh by rotating their coffee selections and offering seasonal roasts. Most of their beans are fair trade and come straight from the farmers themselves. Honestly, I am so sad this wasn't open when I lived in the area. It has everything I need for a long day of editing! 

If you are not much of a coffee person, Tranquil Tea is a great place for you! They offer over ninety-five varieties of tea in their modern urban lounge! You can sit at a table and have lunch or relax on one of the comfy couches as you sip your tasty beverage. 


Oh Hello Friend & Share and Do Good

Along Harbor Boulevard there so many treasures to discover. I would suggest grabbing a coffee before you stroll down the main strip and pop in and out of shops.  Two of our favorites are Oh Hello Friend and Share and Do Good. Oh Hello Friend's shop is filled with stunning stationary, handmade goods, and jewelry. Their vision is to spread hope and positivity, put a smile on the face of their customers, and remind people that they are loved.  I am a strong believer that small lovely things make ordinary life delightful. This is a great place to find those inspirational items! Share and Do Good is another store with a great vision. They are a giving boutique in which every brand and product benefits another person or cause. Share and Do Good carries brands like Krochet Kids,  31 Bits, Giving Keys and much more. They are passionate about their products and the causes they promote, and hope you will be too! There are so many other cute boutiques, like Stitch and Feather, and vintage shops like Buffalo Exchange


The Fullerton Arboretum is a plant sanctuary full of exotic and domestic collections such as Mediterranean, Desert, Woodlands, and Cultivated.There is a stream that flows under bridges, through bamboo forests, and over rocks to trickle into a pond in the woodland collection. Benches are dispersed frequently for viewers to take in the sights, and there are plenty spots to spread out a blanket and soak in the sun. The many winding trails offer endless discoveries! Parking is plentiful, free, and right next to the entrance! I hope you enjoy wandering these tree covered paths as much as I did! 


vacation Photography 

If you are coming to the area on vacation or for a special day I would love to photograph your adventure! Let's chat if you are interested!