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On this clear and beautiful day two people, two cultures, and two families were woven together with meaning and tradition. Only a genuine love like Derrick and Jennette have could make a day like this possible.

From head to toe, Jeannette was a representation of all those who prepared her to love Derrick well. This lovely bride walked down the aisle wearing the same veil her mother wore, the necklace of her great grandmother, and blue wedges a she helped a friend choose for her wedding.

Their ceremony was of Greek Orthodox tradition under the brilliant mosaics Jeannette worshiped under every Sunday growing up. The rings they chose to symbolize their commitment were the same rings Derrick's grandparent wore their entire marriage.

I could write for days about all the other details and moments that made their day special, from the Chinese Lion Dance, to the surprise Flash mob that Derrick was secretly in on, to the tradition of Derricks friends taking their shirts off to the tune of Don't stop Believing. But I'll let you see yourself!

Jeannette and Derrick, thank you for choosing and trusting me to capture your beautiful day! I am so grateful to have to honor. 



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