4 Wedding Tips for The Morning of

It is the day you've been dreaming of your whole life. Your big day is here. It is all coming together. You wake up with all of your best friends around you, have the morning to be pampered, and finally get to put on your dress. 

The morning of your wedding is naturally thought about less than the ceremony and reception because, in comparison, it isn't as important. However, if not considered at all, the getting ready portion can have a big impact on how you feel the rest of the day.

I have seen many different morning dynamics, as a bride, as a bridesmaid, and as a photographer. I have seen some that were filled with anxiety and drama and I have seen others that were calm and lovely. I want you to have the absolute best start to your wedding day as possible. Below are four easy tips to make that happen! 


Tip #1: Don't do anything 

Seriously. Don't do one thing. Don't lift a finger. There are bound to be things that still need to be put together the day of your wedding but you are NOT that person. I have one word for you: Delegation. Before the morning of your wedding think of all the small things that need to be done and assign tasks to close family and friends. Need bread and wine for communion? Text your sister-in-law. No time to go out and get lunch for all the girls? Call dad. Assign your phone to a bridesmaid and let her filter what is important for you to know about and answer. The morning of your wedding should be relaxing and trying to do everything yourself is a surefire way to be stressed. 


Share the morning timeline with your bridesmaids, mom and whoever else is getting ready with you. If you and your photographer haven't set a time when your bridesmaids need to be fully ready, you should set one! Whatever time you will be getting into your dress, your favorite ladies should be all glammed up ten to fifteen minute before. This way everyone can be responsible for being ready when they need to be. 


On my own wedding day I underestimated the amount of time it would take for everyone to have their hair and make up and there was for sure not enough time. The morning wasn't all that stressful but we were rushed towards the end. So when you plan your morning give extra time for everything. It is better to have extra time to hang out than to be rushed, stressed and late. 


Everything is better when you are rockin' out to your favorite tunes. Think about having two playlists, a soft relaxing one as everything is getting started and then some fun diva jams to get everyone excited. Research some pre made playlists before hand or ask one of your bridesmaids to put one together. Again, delegation is the key! 


P.S. Do you have any other morning tips you love?