What I Learned From Falling on My Face (Literally)

Have you ever played Spike Ball? Have you ever tried doing in a floor length skirt? Of course you haven't because you are smart. But unlike you, I did. And then I literally fell on my face. At a wedding. That I was photographing.

I love to engage with my clients, get to know them, and become their friend. At Stuart & Liz's Colorado wedding they  had an extended cocktail hour with tons of games. There was Four Square, Corn Hole, Giant Ganga, a Trampoline, and Spike Ball. Kids and adults were all playing these games together and I was having a blast photograph them. 

 It was about and hour into the games when a group of groomsmen need a fourth person to play Spike Ball with them and I was asked to join.  If you aren't familiar with Spike Ball, it is a fast paced game that is played in two teams of two. There is always running, diving and craziness involved. I often play this game with my husband and friends and when I said yes I wasn't thinking about my long skirt,  only how much I love to play.

It was a close game with some really great rallies but my teammate and I were a couple points behind. The other team only needed two more points to win and I was determined to not give them one. Another great rally was in play as a groomsman from the opposing team spiked the ball just out of my reach. Without thinking I jumped to get the hit but stepped on my skirt and smashed to the ground. 

The bottom of my skirt was ripped, my knee scuffed and bruised, and the silliness of the situation hit me: playing spike ball in a long skirt was bound to be a bad idea. This whole situation was evidence of two parts of me conflicting: the adult professional photographer and the tomboy adventurous girl. But I have come to the conclusion that they don't need to be mutually exclusive. 

I will keep playing spike ball with the groomsmen, dancing with the bridesmaids, and even falling on my face if it means I can connect personally with you so I can capture genuine moments.

Even though skirts and Spike ball may not be a perfect pair, you and your significant other are. And I want to do all I can to give you photos you can treasure for a lifetime. 

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