Why I'm Taking a Sabbatical (And why you should consider it too)

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There is a season for everything. For growth, harvest, rest, planting. But we live in a fast-paced world that insists we need to be growing abundantly and constantly. But have we stopped to ask if this is sustainable or healthy? I don't think so and true of nature either. 

If I have learned anything from the courses I've taken, podcasts I've listened to, and books I've read is that burn out is inevitable with this kind of lifestyle. Relationships suffer and business fail. 

I will not let my marriage and family suffer because of my work and I am not intending for my business fail either. So I look away from the trend and hustle in a different way. I aim for a slower but steady growth that will yeild a bountiful harvest. 

And so I have decided to take a sabbatical. This word comes from the ancient tradition of Sabbath. It was the day of rest. It modern times professors often take a sabbatical (one semester off) to rest and pursue their vocation. 


For me, I am taking off the whole month of December to



Be inspired.

Spend Time with loved ones. 

I don't think there is a right or wrong way of taking a sabbatical. Some people completely disengage from work. I will be away from work for the most part except for two days a week. But the kind of work I will be doing is different than my normal day to day tasks. I will be bettering my business and learning. But no shoots. No editing. 

But I have prepared so that you all don't feel neglected! There will still be a weekly blog post, a daily Instagram, and emails once a week. 

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