Frequently Asked Questions 

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Q: What can we expect from working with you?

You can expect to rest easy because you will be taken care of. I guide my couples throughout the wedding planning process with ebooks, helpful tips, and questionnaires that prepare them with everything they need to know.

I take special care to foster a comfortable and fun environment for my couples during our photoshoots. I offer not just a genuine documentation of their love but create a meaningful experiences as well.

Q: What do you do to make your couples feel comfortable?


Before our engagement session or wedding day I prepare them with everything they need to know. Before the engagement shoot I send my couples my Guide to an Effortless Engagement Shoot which walks them through location options, what to expect, outfit recommendations, and other helpful tips. 

To prepare them for the wedding day I get to know my couples and their vision for the day, send a Timeline Guide, helpful tips for making sure the wedding day is stress free and not rushed.


I begin creating this environment before the shoot and even before my guides and tips. I start by getting to know my couples over coffee whether that be in person or over Facetime/Skype. This is such an important step! How are you suppose to be comfortable with someone that feels like a stranger?! Am I right? 

The photoshoot is loose and fun because I play music and don't put my couples in stiff or awkward poses. I make my sessions meaningful by giving my couples the space to reflect and focus on their love. 

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Q: What kind of packages do you offer?

I have no set packages because I allow you to create your own! Every bride and groom is different and has a unique set of needs! Upon inquiry, I send potential clients my Wedding Collections, a document that includes pricing, everything they would need to create their unique package, and how to reserve their date.

Q: Do you do any retouching? 

All of the images I deliver to my couples are beautifully edited and polished. I do minimal retouching on my images however I will not make someone look like something they aren't. I believe that retouching should be used to make someone look like their best selves on their best day. 

Q: What is your turn around time?

It takes 3-4 weeks to finish and deliver an engagement gallery and 5-6 weeks to finish and deliver a wedding gallery.

However, with every wedding and engagement I send out a teaser image the night of, and give a sneak peek of the gallery on my blog! 

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Q: How do you deliver the images?

I deliver my images in a personal online gallery! From there my couples can choose favorites and download or print as they please! 

Q:  Do your couples  need to create a wedding day shot list? 

No need to worry about that! I've got you covered so take that item off your to-do list! But I love to hear about any specific and meaningful photos that that you would want and give will give you an opportunity to let me know what those are during the planning process. 

Q: Do you charge an additional fee for taxes?

Nope! The price of your collection is just as it says not extra fees! 

Q: Do you schedule multiple weddings or engagement sessions per day?

No way! I want to be able to give my couples my full attention and energy and don't schedule multiple sessions and weddings per day. 



I would love to chat with you and learn more about your big day!

So please get in touch!

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