Based in Orange County, California & Nagoya, Japan

Wedding Photography

As a form of freedom

Free to be in the moment on your wedding day

Free to be your quirky playful selves

Free to savor your memories for a lifetime

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As a dorky middle school girl with braces, I thought I was going to be a poet. Yep. It's true. I filled tons journals with laughably cheesy poems. As time passed, my interest in writing haikus faded but my love for finding the beauty in the everyday did not. In fact it only grew. And after being paired with a passion of photography, I decided to make it my life's work to capture beauty and offer freedom. 

Hi, I'm Christa!


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Ashleymae + JOnathan

"Choosing Christa was one of the best decisions of our lives!"


Fall wedding inspiration at the casino san clemente

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Playful Portrait session at El Matador Beach 


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Christa Norman is a wedding photographer based out of Orange County California and Nagoya Japan