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5 Reasons I Choose a Backpack Over a Suitcase

Jun 10, 2016

Traveling is unlike any other experience. The vibrant cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and incredible people are a recipe for an adventure of a lifetime. Planning for adventures like this is such an exciting time but some of those decisions aren’t all fun and games and can make or break your trip. One of those important choices is how to carry your belongings. I choose a backpack over a suitcase almost every time and here are five reasons why.

1. No Baggage Claim

Boom. Done. I am sold right here. Eliminating the baggage claim saves time, money, and unnecessary stress. There is no waiting in line to check your bag in, no worrying if it weighs more than it should and no baggage fees. As your plane starts to descend, everyone will be frantically getting their things together to be the first one off the plane and get to the baggage claim. You can be at ease, let the excitement fill you, and walk straight off the plane and onto your adventure.

2. Harder to lose

When you’ve got your luggage, passport, boarding pass, phone and coffee to juggle the likelihood of losing one of those very important things is high. I am known for loosing my things so if you are like me, having one less giant thing to worry about is immensely helpful! When your luggage is literally strapped to your back it is nearly impossible to lose!

3. Everything is with you

Picture this: The plane has just taken off. You are settling into your window seat admiring the view. You reach into your carry-on to grab your headphones and start working through all the podcasts you specifically downloaded for the flight. But in horror, your realize you have packed them in your suitcase! And your journal and snacks are under the plane too! This will never be a problem with a backpack. You have everything you will need for the entire trip with you all the time.

4. Multiple Locations

I get it. When you are staying in a resort on Maui or taking a business trip and need your clothes to be crisp, a suitcase is the way to go. However, for most of my adventures, I am moving to a new location every couple of days. Lugging a giant suitcase in and out of Air Bnbs, off and on buses, and to and from train stations is a nightmare compared to the ease of a backpack.

5. Less of a target

Theft is a sad but very real thing and tourist are a target. With your giant suitcase, map, and confused face in a big city, you stick out like a soar thumb. A giant backpack doesn’t blend in all that much better but it is much more difficult for someone to take your luggage off your back than it is for them to rip it from your hand. Having no supplies for your trip would for sure be a party foul.

Take a backpack when you travel. It’s just better.

What are your travel preferences? What is your go to?


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