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The Secret to Avoiding Crowds

Aug 27, 2016


The secret to avoiding crowds while traveling isn’t some magical or new thing. This probably won’t be mind-blowing but in most cases, these tips will help to keep stress levels down, avoid dangerous situations, and let you have an amazing trip.

But is it really that important to avoid the crowds? Yes! By avoiding crowds, it does a number of things to make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful. More enjoyable because you won’t have to fight for a view of the awesome thing you have come to see nor will you have sweaty random people pressing up against you. You may be thinking, wait why is everyone else sweaty? Great question. They are sweaty because they are standing in a massive group of people in the hot sun.

This brings me to my next reason, avoiding the crowds will lower stress. Big crowds of tourist is a big fat target for pickpockets. One sure way to be stressed and massively bummed on your awesome trip is to have your wallet or phone stolen. By avoiding crowds, your chance of getting pickpocketed significantly lessens.

Without further due, here are the two secrets you need to avoid the crowds and have an awesome trip.


Wait. Isn’t vacation suppose to be relaxing? Yes! And if you do some minor work beforehand it will make your trip way better! Here are three steps to doing this quickly and efficiently.

1. Sort the places you want to see into two categories: The I-absolutely-have-to-see-or-I-might-die category and the If-we-have-extra-time-this-will-be-cool category.

2. Get out your google maps and see where everything is on a map. Figure out what is near each other and how long it will take to get from where you are staying to the sight on your list.

3. Group your must-see places by location and then disperse them between the days you will be there.  It is nice to spread out the attractions that have lines and entrance fees into separate days. This way you can be there right when they open!

4. Look up opening times of attractions that require a ticket for entrance and try to buy your tickets ahead of time online. A lot of attractions have a “fast past line” for the online ticket buyers and allows you to skip the long lines!

5. If you have time later in the day, check out your If-we-have-extra-time-this-will-be-cool category. It is nice to have some set things but also leave room for flexibility!

Wake up early

If you are not a morning person, you might want to stop reading right here but this is a huge aspect of avoiding those crowds and it is so worth it! The streets are empty, the light is beautiful, your pictures will be awesome, the temperature will be nice and cool, and you will be first in line to everything. The big tourist times are from about 10:00 am to 3:00 pm so my advice is to go to all of your must-see’s without lines and entrance fees first and then try and be in line at least a half hour before the big attractions open. This way you can be almost done with your important sight seeing before most people start.

By waking up early, you not only avoid the crowds but also avoid the warmest part of the day! It will be nice and cool while you are out and about, and when you are done you can have a little siesta,  relax in your rooms or go by the pool while everyone else is out in the heat. If you want to do some additional adventuring, go out in the late afternoon when it is cooler. You might even find a fun place for dinner along the way!

With these secrets, it is easy to make your trip of a life less stressful and more awesome!



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