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6 Ways to Embrace Fall

Sep 22, 2016


Happy Fall! The season of knitted sweaters, pumpkin spice, and cozy weather is here and I couldn’t be more excited about it. However, it can be easy to let time slip by us and sometimes before we know it, it’s Christmas already! Don’t let another season go by without notice and take the time to be present where you are. I am a born-and-raised Southern California girl. Here, the cold weather and changing leaves have never been plentiful but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t get the full fall experience. Here are 6 ways to embrace the fall this season wherever you are!

Get Inspired

Whether you sit in a windowless office all day or you live in SoCal, it can be hard to get in the fall spirit when fall isn’t really a part of your day. That means it is time to get inspired!

  • Start a Pinterest Board  |   This is one of the easiest ways to get inspired! Pin beautiful fall trees, recipes you could try and decoration ideas. Anything and everything that gets you excited! I may or may not have been pinning fall things for weeks, so if you need a good place to start check out my Autumn Inspiration Board!
  • Make a Playlist   |   The trick to making a great fall playlist is choosing songs that have a personal connection for you. Feel free to try out some pre-made playlists but I have found that if I don’t have a personal connection to that music it didn’t remind me of fall. Feel free to try out the playlist I made for myself! Who knows, we might have the same fall music taste!
  • Take a Trip |   There isn’t anything more inspiring than being in the midst of fall itself! Go on a hike, take a scenic drive, or trek to the mountains! It can be a quick day-trip or a weekend away. My husband and I usually try and do both! Make sure to document your adventure!


Fall is a time of gathering. For us who aren’t farmers it probably doesn’t look like harvesting vegetables. Yet we can come along this age old tradition in other ways!

  • Fall Treasures  |  Bring the seasons inside! Walk around your neighborhood and find fall treasures! Pinecones, leaves, and twigs make for awesome DIY projects! Plus who doesn’t like free decorations?
  • Loved Ones  |   Gather your friends and family together! Throw a fall party. Host a pumpkin carving event. Bring your girlfriends over for a fall craft night. Have a friendsgiving. Serve a fall-themed meal. There are tons of ways to gather the people you love and tons of options depending on your lifestyle!
  • Recipes   |    Text your mom, call your grandma, and get on Pinterest. Have fall recipes handy so you can easily bake those pumpkin cookies on that random rainy Saturday when you are feeling inspired.


  • Fall Bucket List  |   Get out a pen and a piece of paper and create a fall to-do list. Take five minutes and write them all out. Then make a plan. Take out your calendar, text your friends, and set reminders. Make it happen this year!
  • Environment  |   Create an environment where you are constantly reminded that the season has changed. Try and activate all of your senses! Here are some ideas:
    • Sight: Add some fall decorations around your home. But we spend most of our time staring at screens, so change the background on your phone, computer, or email to a fall image!
    • Taste: Have soup every week and eat seasonal fruits and veggies.
    • Smell: Candles are an obvious and awesome way to engage smell but have you thought about changing your hand soap, body wash, or detergent?
    • Sounds: Put on that fall playlist you made! Listen to a crackling fire or the pitter-patter of rain.
    • Touch: Get out those cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks! It doesn’t get that cold where I live but I will often wear shorts with my wool socks!
  • Traditions   |    One sure way to make the most of fall is by participating or creating your own fall traditions. Think of things you absolutely love about this season and make it a tradition! Cities and towns often have their own annual events, so be sure to look into those as well!

Let Go

The leaves are falling and they give us a great reminder that it is okay and healthy to let some things go. It can be hard but it is good!

  • Unneeded Stuff   |   It is time to simplify your life and get rid of those things you don’t really need anymore. One cozy Saturday morning, stay in your PJs, grab a warm drink and lighten your load.
  • Bad Habits    |   What is that one habit you know you need to stop? Maybe you have a couple (I know I do). Just choose one and focus on doing all you can to kick it!
  • Unhealthy Relationships   |    Do you have any friendships or relationships that have been consistently hurtful or unhealthy? Take advice from the leaves and realize that it is time to let those things go.



The best way to live presently is by reflecting on it. I have gathered some fall journaling and thought prompts for each month of the season.

  • September
    • To fall is to have a complete lack of control. When is the last time you experienced something like this in your life? What did you learn from it?
    • Describe your favorite fall taste. Why do you love it?
    • What do you want to do differently this fall?
    • What are some of your favorite fall memories?
  • October
    • When was the last time you were really scared? How did you overcome it or how can you overcome it in the future?
    • What was your favorite Halloween costume or memory?
    • Do you ever feel like you are masking your true feelings or personality? Why do you do that? When do you feel comfortable enough to be your true self?
  • November
    • What are some positive changes that have happened in your life this year?
    • What are you thankful has not happened in your lifetime?
    • What hard parts of your life may contain a hidden blessing?
    • What attributes are you thankful for in your significant other or best friend?


Here are three things that I just absolutely love that get me right into the fall spirit!

  • Fireplaces   |   I love fireplaces. They just add instant cheer to a room. But I live in a cozy little apartment in Dana Point California and I don’t actually have a fireplace. But Netflix does! There are at least three options for a cozy fireplace on your TV. I love them and rotate between them almost every morning!
  • Wooden Wicks   |    Until a year ago I didn’t know these candle with wooded wicks existed. And they are amazing! It is the crackling of the fireplace I love so much but in a candle.
  • Yummy Drinks   |    Coffee. Chai. Pumpkin Late. Apple Cider. Tea. Just to name a few. I love how their warmth and sweetness fills me with cozy amazingness. During the fall I usually try to make each of these a home. Not only does it get me into the fall mood but our apartment smells like fall too!

One last way to embrace fall is by joining my fall photo challenge on Instagram! It was made simply to spread cheer and inspire! The challenge is to post a fall photo on Fridays and tag #findingfallfriday! I am giving away a free fall print to a participant who posts every Friday for the next month! I hope to see you over on Instagram!

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