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Travel Log: Tuscany Road Trip

Oct 6, 2016

In August my husband and I took the trip of a lifetime. We carved out three and a half weeks to roam around Italy. This is a little log of our highlights while road-tripping. . .

We could have spent our entire trip only in Tuscany, and like many other places along the way we wish we could have stayed longer. Sadly, we only spent one day road-tripping through it’s endless vineyards, castle tipped hills, and vibrant sunflower fields on the back of a motorcycle. We (and by we I mean my husband) mapped out a slow winding path through the countryside avoiding the autostrata (aka freeway) completely We loved every place we stopped in and drove through!

The places we stopped and got off the bike were:

  • Orvieto: Known to have one of the most vibrant and colorful Duomos in all of Italy! It mightily lived up to its reputation. This town is on the quieter side with not very many tourists. Like most hilltop towns in Tuscany, visitors should park just outside the city center and walk in.
  • Sienna: Is a much bigger and populated town than Orvitto but it is equal in charm and beauty. The Duomo and Piazza are incredible and worth the crowds.
  • Chianti Region: This is the long scenic route to get from Sienna to Florence but the views are breath taking. Vineyards far as the eye can see, small charming cottages and large detailed estates are around every bend in the road. We initially we had planned on wine tasting here but didn’t end up stopping. Who knew riding a motorcycle for 8 hours would be exhausting! 😉

Below is a map of the route similar to the one we took that day! It is not exact because we hit a couple detours along the way and not sure what those roads were. Every town we drove through is worth stopping at but with our time restraints it wasn’t possible for us. Instead, we chose a couple of towns that seemed especially awesome to spend some time in.

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  1. Juliet San Nicolas de Bradley

    October 7th, 2016 at 12:00 am

    These pictures make me feel so nostalgic! I spent a summer living just 20 minutes outside of Orvieto and absolutely adored it. Lovely post!!

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