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3 Reasons Why Cheaper Flights Aren’t Always the Best Deal

Oct 19, 2016


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You have finally saved up enough to actually start planning your honeymoon or the trip you’ve been dying to go on for forever! You are filled with excitement as you open up tab after tab of airline sites trying to find the best price. However, the cheapest flight isn’t always the best deal. While comparing, be sure to read the fine print so you can really understand what you will be getting. Usually these kinds of cheap flights are inconvenient in one (or all) of the following ways. Here are 3 Reasons Why Cheaper Flights Aren’t Always the Best Deal:


The standard for most airlines is one carry-on and one personal item, and if you are checking luggage it must be under 50lbs. But this is not the standard for every airline, especially the ones with the lower flight prices. I have seen and heard of airlines that don’t allow any carry-ons, have smaller measurements for bags, and lower weight limits for checked luggage. You do not want to find yourself at the airport ready for your flight and have to pay $200 more than you were expecting (this actually happened to a friend of mine while flying with Spirit). Often, tickets that are priced higher are really a better deal depending on your luggage situation. Just be sure to read that fine print!


Lower flight prices can also be due to an airline not offering complimentary snacks, drinks or even meals. On our way to Italy, Kyle and I flew on a 11 hour flight with Norwegian Air. Honestly, the plane was amazing and we loved it’s modern technology but they don’t offer complimentary food. Not knowing this, we skipped dinner as we were running a little late but thought it wasn’t going to be a problem because we “knew” we would get fed on the plane. On our long flight we could have just purchased food but we were so aghast and in stubborn disbelief of not being fed that we basically starved instead. If I had read the fine print this could have been avoided. Don’t makes the same mistake we did! Or if it does happen just take one for the team and some buy food. Haha



When I was booking a flight to Canada this summer, I almost purchased a ticket that was an awesome deal but would have had a ten hour layover in a random airport. A five hour travel day almost turned into fifteen! I don’t mind having a longish layover with a good book it will fly by in no time, but are 10 extra hours worth the 60 bucks? I decided no. Choosing a flight with a layover is more of a personal preference but I almost booked this flight without realizing quite how long that layover it was going to be. In some travel situations this might be worth it but be sure to give it the thought it deserves before you purchase!

P.S.  Are there any other things to be aware of that I missed? I would love to hear them and learn from you!

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