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3 Super Fun Ways to Document your Honeymoon

Dec 23, 2016


On your honeymoon, you are making your first memories as a married couple and those moments deserve to be documented! You don’t need to be a professional photographer to bring back great memories from your little getaway! Here are 3 super fun ways to document your honeymoon!

1. Polaroid Flip Book

My Husband and I did this on our trip to Italy (which was technically our belated honeymoon). And it was SO FUN! We took one photo every day, wrote a little summary on each one, and put it in the Polaroid book we brought. It was fun to watch our progress on the trip and a great way to remember the little things now that we are home.


  • You can buy all of these materials easily online or at Michaels!
  • If you are doing one photo every day be sure to have enough images and extra! Sometimes the images won’t turn out and you will have to take multiple! You wouldn’t want to run out by the end of the trip!

2. Disposable Camera

If you like to be surprised, this option might be right for you! It is a fun way to experiment and get those candid and unpolished moments!

Grab a camera or two online or at your local drug store! Snap away on your trip and get them developed on your return home!

3. One Second videos

Take a little video each day and compile it using this cool app: 1 Second everyday ! It will send you reminders every day and compile all the footage for you! This video gives a behind the scenes look at how the app works as well as a short example!

The app only cost $4.99!

Are you Engaged? I’d love to tell your story!

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