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The Secret to Looking Great as a Bridesmaid

Jan 10, 2017

When you were asked to be a bridesmaid, I bet you laughed, screamed, and jumped for joy. Tears gathered in your eyes at the thought your best friend in a beautiful white dress walking down the aisle towards the man of her dreams (that you preapproved of course). But I bet you didn’t think about how much you would be photographed.

Sure you’ll be in the group photos but did you think about how you’ll also be in photos of the bride getting ready, walking down the aisle, during the ceremony, and many many more? You, my lovely friend, will be in a TON of pictures. And do you want to know the secret to looking great? It is simple: SMILE. 

Show those pearly whites as much as possible. Because even though you may be thoughtfully listening to the vows, you might be looking real bored to the rest of us. But we all know you care because why else would you be up there?

But don’t worry, I’ve got your back and won’t leave you with a bad case of RBF. There’s no need to be cheesin’ your way through the entire wedding. Here are 4 points in the day when you most need to be aware of your face. 

1. Getting ready

2. Walking down the Aisle 

3. The Ceremony 

4. Toasts

We all know you are really excited to be a bridesmaid, just remember to show it a little more 😉 

Brighten someone’s day and share this with a bride to be!

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