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2 Things You MUST Do Before Sending Out Those Invites

Jan 27, 2017


The date has been officially set, your venue is booked, and you are excitedly pinning away invite ideas like nobody’s business. The only piece of info you need before finishing those invites is the ceremony start time.

This decision is incredibly binding because once you send those invites out, there is no going back! You might be thinking: Christa, you are being a little dramatic. I mean, it seems pretty easy to work everything else around the time we choose.

Most things on a wedding day are adjustable. However, there is one element of your day that you don’t have any control over, the sunset. If you set your ceremony too late in the day, there might not be enough time to take all of your photos before sunset.

The two things you must do before you send out the invites are:

1. Check what time the sun sets

Go online and google what time the sun should set the month you will be getting married. This will take you no time at all! Once you know this, work backward from there to set your ceremony time.

2. Ask your Photographer For Time Estimates

After I book my clients, I send them a little packet full of all kinds of helpful info for the wedding planning process. In a section of that ebook, I list out how long I expect each of the photography sessions to take. By sessions I mean family photos, wedding party group photos, portraits of the bride and groom, etc. If your photographer hasn’t already given you this info, shoot them an email! By doing this you will ensure there is enough time for everything and that you won’t run out of light!

Bonus Tip & Freebie:

Buffer time is your best friend. Be sure to add a little extra time to each part of the day! This will ensure everything runs smoothly and that there will be no rushing around!

You’ll be creating your timeline for the day before you know it! If you want to learn more about timeline tips here are a couple helpful posts!

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