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A Recipe For the Best Valentines Ever

Feb 3, 2017

No matter how you feel about his holiday, celebrating love should be a meaningful experience. Skip the chocolate, the flowers, the expensive dinner and instead look inward. Look at your own love story. How can you celebrate it? By putting on a fancy dress and sitting in a crowded restaurant with a million other couples who are staring at their phones instead of talking? No.

I am not against these things. Heck, I love to get out my fancy-I-can-only-wear-on-an-occasion-like-this dress. But this year, a change of pace is needed. So put those heels back up on the top shelf and set aside some time to connect deeply with the person you love most. 

If you are drawing a blank here is a recipe for the best Valentines Ever: 

Step 1. Choose a Super Cute Airbnb

Stay one night or the whole weekend! The point is to have that getaway feel without the big price point! This can be a surprise or something fun you can pick out together!

Step 2: Connect Face to Face

Hang out together technology free, and reflect on your love. Get some good face to face time. I am all for a snuggle Netflix session but there something so powerful about time spent literally looking at your partners face! Bust out some old games, talk into the night, or have a mini dance party.  

Step 3: Invest In Your Love Story! 

This can be done in so many different ways. You could take the love language quiz, reflect on how loved you’ve been feeling and ask how you can better love your partner, or get some up to date documentation! Your love story did not end when you preserved your dress and dried your flowers; it has only flourished and deepened since then. And it deserves to be documented! If you are up for it, hire a photographer to do an intimate indoor photo session. 

Brighten someone’s day and share this with a friend!

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