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5 Steps to Awesome Preparation Photos

Mar 9, 2017

Did you know that you can have a big impact on what preparation photos look like on a wedding day? It is true! It isn’t just dependent on the photographer you hire! With a couple easy steps, you can create a picturesque environment that will make the photos of you getting ready with your favorite ladies extra awesome. 

Step 1: Choose A Room With Window Light

This is honestly the most important thing you can do because good light changes everything! Pick a room with as much window light as possible! If you aren’t getting ready in a space with a ton of windows, clear the space around the window and set up shop there! 

Step 2: Make Sure There Is Enough Space

Cramming nine bridesmaids into your childhood bedroom is not the best idea even if everyone can technically “fit”. Brides often forget to account for space for the additional people that will be there like your make-up artist, photographer, videographer, and mom. Not to mention you probably want a photo of you getting in your dress with all your bridesmaids gathered around. These kinds of images require space! 

Step 3: Clear the Clutter

Honestly, the more empty the space, the better. When I come to photograph brides getting ready the first thing I do is clear the space of empty Starbucks cups, purses, lamps, furniture and anything unnecessary that adds clutter. This gives your photos a clean and picturesque background. This is something you can do for your photographer before they get there so they can spend less time cleaning and more time documenting your sweet moments. 

Step 4: Leave the Space near the Windows Empty

If you have a room with a ton of window light, you might not need to get ready right next to the window. However, when putting on your dress your photographer will for sure be putting you near the window. Save yourself and the photographer time, by keeping the couple feet in front of the window open!

Step 5: Get Your Ladies on the Same Page

The preparation process can be messy with make-up, curling irons, shoes, and mimosas everywhere. If you let your bridesmaids know ahead of time what the standard is going to be, they can keep their mess to a minimum and help make your morning extra amazing!

Bonus Tip: Keep your details together

The details are pretty much everything you are wearing on your wedding day. The night before, put all your jewelry, veil, shoes, rings, etc in one bag or box and put it next to your dress. This way when your photographer arrives you can point them to that location. By doing this simple step you can avoid running all over with your make-up half done trying to find everything. 

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