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3 Lessons Anne of Green Gables Can Teach Us

Jun 8, 2017


One evening when Kyle was working late, I opened Netflix and Anne with an E was the first thing I saw. I figured I would give it a chance and was hooked from the start!

I don’t know how you feel about how Netflix’s portrayal of this beloved book, but I loved the series! Strangely this is a series that I watch before I read (normally it is the other way around).

Because the heroine of this story is a young girl it might seem that the audience would also be for girls her age. However, I think there are many things that can be learned from Anne’s adventures. Here are 3 Lessons I think Anne is teaching us.

1. There is Magic in the Mundane

Throughout the whole show Anne intentionally finds the beauty and wonder in every moment, and chooses to celebrate it with those around her. Her imagination and vigor for life shows us how we can be vastly more aware of all of the small beauties that are hidden within our everyday lives.

2. Grow in Community-mindedness

About mid-way through the season one of the Cuthbert’s neighbors experiences a hardship (sorry to be so vague but I don’t want to give anything away). Immediately the whole community pitched in to remedy the issue. Neighbors took in the children to house and feed them while repairs were being made to the home. All work and school stopped so that everyone could pitch in to help this family. This is a stark contrast to our culture today. Most of us don’t even know our neighbors and probably would not think of giving that much time and effort to help even one of our dearest friends.

I’m not saying we need to go back to the olden days but I think Anne with an E reveals to us that our culture might have lost something really meaningful as we’ve moved into this modern age. I think it’s showing us how we can grow to be more community minded and loosen the tight grip we have on our schedules and to-do lists.

3. Finding Joy in Sorrow

As most of you probably know, Anne is an orphan that is adopted by an elderly brother and sister that need more help around their farm. The show gives a very accurate portrayal of what the life of an orphan might have been like and all the struggles and emotions she would have.

I cried almost every episode as Anne did her best to move past her old life to settle into her new one. But I think Anne’s journey has so much to teach us about finding joy in sorrow. Her passion for life was never completely snuffed no matter how hopeless her situation seemed.


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