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My Thoughts on Retouching

Jul 8, 2017

As a professional photographer, I feel a great responsibility when it comes to retouching. The images I take, edit and send out to the world tell a story of beauty but I want that story to be a true one.

You see, I believe there is so much beauty in the world and in every person. But I do not believe someone has to be perfect to be beautiful. I believe people are beautiful just as they are.

There are so many images out in the world of beautiful perfect people that don’t actually exist.

What I mean is that people are photoshopped to the point of unattainable perfection. Arms and legs are slimmer, tummies tighter, necks are longer, and skin is absolutely flawless. These already beautiful models, who’s job it is to be beautiful and fit, are then altered and changed to a perfection that doesn’t actually exist.


In anyone… 

In the history of ever…

Then we normal (but beautiful) people look at these images and compare our imperfect selves to this non-existent perfection. And suddenly, we can’t see our own beauty.

Does this mean I don’t retouch my clients? No.

All of the images I deliver to my couples are beautifully edited and polished.

But I take my responsibility very seriously and do minimal retouching on my images.

I believe that retouching should be used to make someone look like their best selves on their best day. But I will NOT make someone look like something they aren’t.

Because I sincerely believe there is beauty in every person just as they are and that we need to learn to believe that about ourselves.


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  1. Jessica Onesto

    August 31st, 2017 at 5:07 pm

    Love the distinction of retouching to see someone’s best self. SO good, sista. 🙂 Xx

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